Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Phillip Island is a popular tourist destination in Victoria, known for its beaches, wildlife, and activities.

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is a popular attraction for chocolate lovers. It offers visitors interactive games, workshops, and plenty of chocolate samples.

Phillip Island

For those with a sweet tooth, the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is a must-see during your Phillip Island Tour on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory's history

Before Europeans arrived in Australia, the Aboriginal Bunurong tribe visited Phillip Island during the muttonbird season. The first European to discover the island was George Bass in 1798. He named the region 'Western Port'. The name was later changed to honour Sir Arthur Phillip. In 1842, two brothers leased the island to herd sheep. The first settlement was established in 1868, but early residents found the island harsh.

Chocolate Factory

Visitors to Panny's World of Chocolate can participate in workshops and demonstrations to learn about chocolate-making, enjoy treats at the cafe, and purchase souvenirs at the on-site shop.

The journey starts with a White Truffle made using one of Panny's secret recipes, and the rest of the adventure is up to you.

Activities at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Engage in the activities

In addition to live demonstrations, visitors can learn about the chocolate-making process through various interactive attractions and games throughout the factory.

Visitors can engage with interactive machines demonstrating the art of chocolate-making, learn interesting facts about chocolate, and participate in various games to create their chocolate masterpieces.

Visitors can explore various chocolate exhibitions showcasing creations from the factory, including a chocolate "David" statue. Other attractions include the world's largest chocolate waterfall, a miniature village made of chocolate, a chocolate world map, hand-decorated chocolate shoes, chocolate penguins, and the one-tonne chocolate challenge.

 Café and Shop

After visiting all the attractions, browsing the exhibits, and witnessing how chocolate is made at Panny's, visitors can head to the café and shop for some last-minute treats before departing.

At the café, visitors can try freshly made chocolates created by the in-house chocolatiers. Families can enjoy the famous chocolate fondue, dipping strawberries and marshmallows into the rich dip. Guests can also choose from hot coffee with a white truffle or Australian wine paired with a sundae for a sweet lunchtime option.

Purchase some truffles and other treats with a hot drink before visiting the shop to buy goodies for the trip back. You can fill your bag with various chocolate flavours, sample some offerings, and choose from large chocolate boxes, blocks, and animal-shaped chocolates that kids will enjoy.

Phillip Island Tour

More things to see near the chocolate factory

Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade at Phillip Island is famous for Australians and tourists. It features the iconic 'Little Penguin', the smallest penguin species. These penguins spend most of their time in the ocean but nest on the shores of Phillip Island at night. The Penguin Parade facility has various platforms for viewing the penguins, from standard to upgraded options. Visitors can enjoy watching these cute penguins up close. It's a good idea to visit the chocolate factory first and then head to the Penguin Parade in the evening to see these adorable creatures.

The Nobbies Centre

Visit the Nobbies Centre on Phillip Island for information and incredible views. Learn about the island's history and wildlife at the information centre. Enjoy the coastal scenery and walk along the boardwalk. See the blowhole and Silver Gull bird nests nearby. Visit Seal Rocks and watch the seals play on the beach. Look out for Humpback Whales from the lookout point during whale watching season. The Nobbies Centre offers a range of activities for a whole afternoon of exploration.